Having a Trouble in Typesetting a Research Paper in APA Format? Follow the Guidelines

Before discussing, that what a format of APA research paper looks like, let’s first give priority to understand what APA is? APA is the American Psychological Association is one of the largest renowned organizations that include more than 118000 members. This organization has Scientists, psychologists, & consultants as its members. The Research paper apa format is recommended in the reference manual of the American Psychological Association to be used for various research publications in many branches like psychology, pedagogy, and much more.


  • Guidelines for formatting an APA research paper

The guidelines for writing an APA research paper are different from that of general formatting consisting of various innovative features apart from those boring indentations and margins.

  • An APA research paper is written on a paper having standard parameters of 8.5’’ * 11’’leaving 1’’ margin from sides.
  • An easy font that can be comfortably read.
  • times new roman font for writing.
  • Page Header (the running head) consists of page number and the title in capital letters.


Rest, the Research paper apa format is almost similar to another formatting.


  • Format of APA research paper

Talking about the composition of a Research paper apa format, it consists of:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Body
  • Text citation and references


Let’s have a look at some of the rules of the above features in brief:


  1. Title page
  • The title is in the centre of the page.
  • Word count of the title should not cross 12 and should be free from any abbreviation.
  • Beneath the title is written the name of the author without any  title such as Mr., or Ph.D. The name should simply consist of the first and last name.
  • A short name of the title in the running head.
  1. Abstract

Its main purpose is to reflect the ideas of the author or a brief summary and also it should be written in one paragraph with double space. It should not cross 250 words.

  1. Body

The body can have as many as paragraphs, the writer wants to add. It consists of:

  • Survey name is written in a simple font.
  • Heading of each section written in bold font and should be placed in the centre.
  1. Citation of text and references

In the reference, list names are written according to the alphabetical order by writing the last name first followed by the first name.



This was a general introduction about the Research paper apa format that one should keep in mind while writing an apa research paper.